Aims, Ethos & Values


The aim of the school is to enhance pupils' overall development, fulfill their potential and facilitate their wider inclusion within education and society.

At The Dales School we aim to establish an ethos characterised by a spirit of consensus built on clear and effective management. Each member of the school community, including pupils, should feel valued and able to share ideas and feelings through open communication and mutual support. In more detail, the characteristics of the school ethos will include the following qualities:

? The right of the individual to equal regard and opportunities.

? The ability to meet the needs of pupils in an analytical and sensitive manner and to seek to improve skills and resources to make the school community more effective.

? A willingness to discuss issues and concerns in a spirit of security, honesty and openness.

? The transferring of information and the sharing of ideas with an awareness of preconceptions and prejudices.

? The fostering of attitudes and values which work for the good of the community while recognising the needs of the individual.

? An awareness of how others feel and a willingness to offer or seek help in a confidential manner, as appropriate.

? A recognition of the value of working within a team and the ability to resolve conflicts of ideas and values.

? A willingness to take responsibility for our own actions.

? Being prepared to keep things in perspective often through a sense of humour.

School Values

Our values provide a vital way for the school's vision to become part of our everyday life. They should be expressed, lived and acknowledged, by the whole school community in all aspects of community life. The school community includes pupils, staff, parents, carers and all those who support the school. All school policies and practice addresses the school's values and it should be possible to track these values through all aspects of school life: leadership and management, finance, teaching and learning, curriculum, pastoral care and home-school relations.

1. Eager Individuals

The value of a happy, safe, sustainable and secure environment in which children feel comfortable in their learning and have a positive sense of belonging.

  • Every Child Matters 5 Key Outcomes
  • Empathic Handling approach

2. Progressive Changes

The value of progressive changes in learning environments where pupils are enthusiastic, and challenged appropriately.

  • Person Centred Reviews
  • Inclusion

3. Respecting Uniqueness

The value of mutual respect for the uniqueness of others' beliefs, opinions, actions and rights, demonstrated by courteous, tolerant and considerate behaviour.

  • Team Teach
  • Whole School Assemblies

4. Celebrating Achievement

The value of realising and celebrating everyone's aspirations and pride in achievement in order to develop high self-esteem in all.

  • Progress Files
  • Continuing Professional Development

5. Honesty and Trust

The value of honesty and trust where individuals are reflective, feel able to question and express themselves freely but with respect and share their feelings and emotions with confidence.

  • Multi-agency Approach
  • School Council

6. Shared Responsibility

The value of shared responsibility for leadership of local and national education initiatives through collaboration with others to bring positive benefits to ours and other schools.

  • SLD Outreach Support Service
  • EQUALS (Educational Charity)

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