Class 1 News

Our topic is 'Vroom!  Transport and Moving Parts' and we will be exploring lots of different types of transport.  To enrich our learning we are planning a trip to the National Railway Museum at York.  We will be using the counting rhyme '5 trains trundling down the track' to support our learning.

Class 2 News

Our topic for the summer is Vroom!  We will be investigating and exploring all types of transport and movement throughout our lessons and play sessions.  Our story for Literacy is 'The Magic Train Ride; by Sally Crabtree.  We hope to take advantage of the weather and take some local walks to find out about the vehicles we have near school.

Class 3 News

Our topic this term in 'Vroom!' we are going to be learning all about transport and how different things move.  Our story this half term is 'Driving My Tractor' by Jan Dobbins.  We are going to be getting messy with lots of tractor themed activities.  In numeracy will be doing lots of shape sorting, posting activities and exploration of counters to support the development of our early number skills.

Class 4 News

This term we will be learning about Electricity and Man-Made energy.  We will be using switches, lights and batteries as well as a range of gadgets.  Our Humanities topic is Seas, Rivers and Lakes.  We will find out about the water cycle and about how rivers flow.  In Literacy, we will be reading a story about one man's voyages of adventure: Gulliver's Travels.  We will be focusing on Sculpture in Creativity; looking at Totem Poles from the Pacific and the Americas.

Sixth Form News

Scone Shop continues...come into school on a Wednesday morning between 10.00 am and 11.30 am to enjoy a selection of scones, cakes and hot drinks, all planned, produced and served by our students.  Pop Up Scone Shop is every Thursday at Hambleton Forum in Northallerton from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

We now have a trampoline in school which students will be accessing regularly for Rebound Therapy.  The benefits of this therapy are that it supports communication as well as developing core strength and body and spatial awareness.  In addition to this sixth form students will be accessing a range of sporting activities including: canoeing; horse riding and swimming.

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