7 Aspects of Engagement

The 7 aspects of engagement model is a dynamic and pupil centred assessment process. It was adopted by school in response to the recommendations of the Rochford Review 2017. School was part of the review consultation process and national DfE pilot for the 7 aspects of engagement [7As] in 2018 and in the follow up DfE trials in 2019. The 7As is both a formative and summative assessment process.

Formative: The child/young person is observed and their learning and progress recorded in the following areas of engagement: responsiveness; curiosity; investigation; discovery; anticipation; persistence; and initiation. Class teams observe and facilitate play and learning focusing on the specific elements of engagement. Pupils’ responses, motivation levels, interest, duration and styles of engagement in activities are carefully monitored and recorded. Recording is through photographs, wow post-its, video and written formal observations. All these observations inform the team on how to further plan resources, environment and teaching strategies based on the pupil’s engagement. The assessment compliments MAPP in supporting the understanding and development of ‘best methods’ to facilitate MAPP personal learning intentions.

Summative: School baselines pupils at the beginning of the academic year, autumn term, in the seven areas of engagement and records the pupil’s progress at the end of the year, summer term. This information is shared with families in the pupil’s end of year report.