PE & Sport Premium

What is it?

The PE and Sports funding was introduced in September 2013 and is a sum of money given to schools by the Government, jointly funded by the Department of Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport. It is allocated to schools based on numbers of pupils aged 5-11 at the annual census in January.

What is its purpose?

School PE and Sports funding is to improve the provision of Sport and PE.

How much do we receive?

For the period Sept 15 – Aug 16 the school received £4,500.

For the period Sept 16 – Aug 17 the school received £6,500.

For the period Sept 17 – Aug 18 please click here to view.

What are we spending it on?

For many years our school has been part of the leadership of the Sports Special Partnership in North Yorkshire and we continue to engage in that by buying into the competitions package ensuring our pupils take part in inter school competitions and shared PE and Sports events. As a result of our extensive participation in PE and Sport The Dales School was first awarded the Sainsburys Silver Kite Mark in 13/14.

Those pupils, who would benefit from it, take part in MOVE – Movement Opportunity via Education and the school ensures staff skill and competence in this area is sustained.

The school was awarded the MOVE quality mark in Autumn 2015. We have been successful in maintaining this quality mark following an external audit in June 2019.

Please click here to be directed to further information regarding MOVE. 

We have achieved the GOLD Kite Mark

The Dales School achieved the Gold Award in September 2016.  The HLTA responsible for PE and Sport drove this application forward in collaboration with the lead for the Sports Special Partnership on behalf of the School.