Pupil Premium

Service Pupil Premium (SC)

We have 4 pupils for whom we receive this type of pupil premium. Over the past year we have continued to have an after school club. Parents have expressed great satisfaction with the club and the pupils are keen to stay and take part in activities.Our Headteacher/Leadership team continues to work closely with the Garrison to ensure they know about our school and our pupils’ needs.

Free School Meals Pupil Premium

We have 6 pupils for whom we receive this type of pupil premium. For these pupils we ensure their personalised curriculum is appropriately tailored to their needs and staffed accordingly.

Children Looked After Pupil Premium (CLA)

We have 4 pupils for whom we receive this type of pupil premium. For these pupils we account for the Pupil Premium in their biannual LAC reviews where it is evaluated and adjusted as needed. The money is mainly spent on staffing, training and resourcing to access regular outside play, Rebound and pool/hydrotherapy sessions.

How do we know we are making a difference with the different types of Pupil Premium?

We analyse all pupil data termly and annually, if we believe the pupil is not making at least good progress we put in additional support. All pupil progress data in this group of pupils show at least good progress with some making excellent progress.

The graph below outlines the average rate of progress (according to MAPP data) for a range of different groups across the school population. The first measure, which is then used as a benchmark across the rest of the groupings, demonstrates the average rate of whole school progress. The red bar indicates the average rate of progress made by Services students (SC) in the academic year 2017 – 2018. This evidences clearly that Services Children make a higher than average rate of progress.

As further analysis within the context of Pupil Premium, the two green measures represent students entitled to Free School Meals (FSM), and Children Looked After (CLA). Whilst the average rate of progress for children entitled to Free School Meals is slightly above that of Services Children, these two measure are broadly in line with one another, and both above the whole school rate of progress, and significantly above that of Children Looked After.

For these reasons, it is with confidence that the average rate of progress of children in receipt of Services Children Pupil Premium and Free School Meals at The Dales School is reported to be good or better.

Further analysis is available to better understand why the progress of Children Looked After is not as strong as that of the students in receipt of other types of Pupil Premium. Factors which influence progress for these students include health needs, attendance and other environmental factors which can and do impact upon progress. To address this, we work closely with families and other stakeholders, we ensure that our staff training schedule responds to identified areas of need to support best practice and outcomes, which are regularly monitored and reviewed as part of the school’s quality assurance processes.