Thorough and robust assessment systems record and track individual learning and progress. In EYFS there is a distinct EYFS baseline and tracking document that records pupils’ progress throughout their EYFS years. This is supported by ongoing long and short observations and learning journey documents that evidence progress through annotated still and moving photographic records. Once pupils are in KS1 they transfer to the MAPP assessment system that continues to use observation for ongoing assessment and the MAPP CSD for summative assessment. Assessment in 6th form is based upon MAPP personal learning intentions and formal accreditation. The students in 6th form follow ASDAN units of accreditation in Personal Progress [PP] or Personal and Social Development [PSD]. Units are planned termly over a three year cycle and will accumulate credits towards a certificate. Students also follow the ASDAN Life Skills programme to support functional skills and employability.

Pre-Formal & Semi-Formal Primary & Secondary

Sixth Form