Our curriculum in the Primary phase of school [KS1-2] is a pre-formal and semi-formal model. This model focusses on learning for pupils who are yet to work within a traditional subject led curriculum i.e. history, geography, PSHCE, design technology. The pre-formal curriculum learning areas are: my communication; my cognition; my physical; and my care and independence. This curriculum is for pupils whose learning is in the very early and sensory/motor stages of development. The semi-formal model encompasses the four areas above plus my world and my creativity. This enhanced curriculum model supports pupils whose learning is moving towards symbolic conceptual understanding. Pupils have MAPP [Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress] individual learning intentions which underpin all their learning areas. Learning behaviours are supported and developed through the Engagement Model and this further enables the provision to meet personalised need. School uses The Cherry Garden Framework to support planning and assessment across the areas of curriculum and to track individual progress in those areas. Each term has a distinct and engaging theme which supports a cross curricular approach to planning and delivery of learning activities. This incorporates the children’s interests and all those ‘suitcase for life’ experiences that childhood should contain.