Sixth Form

The sixth form prepares our young people for adulthood, the curriculum model reflects the areas of learning that support this important transitionary process. The areas of focus are based upon: a vocational programme; accreditation; transitions and careers advice; independence and life skills; physical; functional skills; and cultural/creative. Students have MAPP [Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress] individual learning intentions which underpin all their learning areas. The sixth form accreditation pathways are ASDAN, NCFE and Duke of Edinburgh Award. We follow a theme each term that we build our activities upon and which support students’ interests and develop leisure skills to take forward into adulthood.

Where do our pupils go after they leave The Dales School?

Leavers in academic year 2021/22

83.3% enrolled at the Personalised Learning College

16.7% enrolled at Evolve Ripon

Leavers in academic year 2020/21

91% enrolled at the Personalised Learning College

9% enrolled at a social care setting

Leavers in academic year 2019/2020

100% enrolled at the Personalised Learning College