Forms for parents to download

Medicines forms – can be downloaded from this website, and are available in hard copy from school office – these need to be completed every time prescribed medication is sent into school – also when there are changes to prescribed mediation a new form must be completed. Also available on our website is the leaflet ‘Medicine Information for Parents’.

Educational Visits – as you are aware the school curriculum includes off-site learning. The school has detailed and rigorous procedures for the organisation and approval of off-site visits. These are intended to ensure that visits are well planned, effectively organised and that they give proper attention the health and safety implication of such visits. We send out Parental Consent forms once a year for parents to give their permission for their child to attend timetabled offsite visits. Additional permission will be sought for residential trips and trips over a certain distance and those that will return outside normal school hours.

Photo consent forms –we ask for your permission to publish photos of your son daughter on the website or in newsletters.

Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) – These are forms that the RDA request to be completed for pupils who take part in horse riding. These are completed once for lower school and then again once pupils start in 6th form. 

Please notify the school office if you want to change any permissions that have been previously given.