Multidisciplinary Work

Multidisciplinary Work

At The Dales School we work very closely with colleagues from health, social care, teaching support services and from time to time educational and clinical psychologists. Though none of these staff are directly employed by school we see them as an integral part of our team. The school team is further enhanced by staff from early years support, careers guidance, transition support service and adult services all of whom are part of a pupil’s life at key times in their school career. We all work together for the benefit of all pupils and relevant professionals attend the annual reviews as needed.


Provides a link between school and families. Issues relating to attendance, transport needs or concerns relating to pupils’ welfare may be raised with Prevention.


The school is supported part-time by a qualified nurse, employed by the Health Authority. Staff members, visitors and parents are welcome to speak to the school nurse about any concerns or for information.

Physiotherapy & occupational therapy

Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are provided through the Health Trust for those pupils for whom it is appropriate. Pupils’ needs are regularly assessed and discussed at annual reviews. At other times please see the therapists concerned or the Headteacher.

Speech Therapy

The Speech Therapists who work in the school are employed by the Health Authority. They are responsible for the assessment and for the development of programmes for those children whose statements of special educational need include the provision of speech therapy. They liaise with staff and parents about the communication and related needs of pupils so that the work undertaken can be generalised and developed in the classroom and at home. For more information contact the Headteacher or speech therapists.

Educational Psychology

Range of duties include:

  • Assessment
  • Contribution to Annual Reviews
  • Support for the management of behaviour and learning
  • General support for staff and school management