MOVE - Movement Opportunities Via Education

The Dales School use MOVE which is:

MOVE is a goal-orientated, activity based programme that uses everyday functional activities such as classroom lessons, lunchtimes, toileting and moving around in the environment, to teach children with complex needs the functional mobility skills of sitting, standing, walking and transferring from one position to another to the best of their ability. It involves the whole team around the child working towards the goals and aspirations of the family.

MOVE was introduced into the school in February 2011 following a 2 day practitioner’s course in November 2010. Subsequently much more training has followed both by school staff and the physiotherapist supporting the school. This creates a holistic approach for the pupils and ensures great emphasis is placed on developing the pupil’s physical abilities across everything they do in school.

The MOVE programme is not appropriate for many of our pupils as they are fully ambulant.