Key Information

Opening Times

The school doors open from 9:00am and the school day starts from 9:00am – 3:00pm.

The school is open for 30 hours per week.


Sun Cream

School Uniform


Person Centred Reviews

Emergency Closure

Forms for parents to download

Medicines forms – can be downloaded from this website, and are available in hard copy from school office – these need to be completed every time prescribed medication is sent into school – also when there are changes to prescribed mediation a new form must be completed. Also available on our website is the leaflet ‘Medicine Information for Parents’.

Educational Visits – as you are aware the school curriculum includes off-site learning. The school has detailed and rigorous procedures for the organisation and approval of off-site visits. These are intended to ensure that visits are well planned, effectively organised and that they give proper attention the health and safety implication of such visits. We send out Parental Consent forms once a year for parents to give their permission for their child to attend timetabled offsite visits. Additional permission will be sought for residential trips and trips over a certain distance and those that will return outside normal school hours.

Photo consent forms –we ask for your permission to publish photos of your son daughter on the website or in newsletters.

Please notify the school office if you want to change any permissions that have been previously given.

School Uniform

School Shop provide a dedicated website where you can buy school uniform online. This is optional for EYFS to Year 11 pupils; 6th form students are not expected to wear school uniform. Items can be ordered online 24/7 through their 100% secure, easy to use online shop. They can also take orders by phone (01904 607331), should you wish to order offline.

Pupil Centred Reviews

The school holds annual reviews for all pupils; usually Monday mornings for EYFS – Year 8 and Wednesday mornings for Year 9 – Sixth Form students. The school follows guidance received from the Local Authority and uses a Person Centred Approach for all of its reviews.

Sun Cream Guidance

When summer approaches we wish to encourage children to protect themselves from the sun. One way of doing this is to use sunscreen at the appropriate time. If a child is to use sunscreen on site, parents are asked to:

1) Provide the sunscreen product for use. The sunscreen must be:
a) Clearly marked with the child’s name.
b) Replenished by the parent as needed.
2) The sunscreen product will be stored in the child’s bag, drawer or other location designated by the site.
3) Parents are asked to apply sunscreen at home before a typical day, this will be reapplied as necessary by staff or by the pupil if they are able to.

If it is considered necessary for staff to assist with the application of sunscreen, the sunscreen will only be applied to face, neck, arms, hands and lower legs. Parents are asked to provide written instruction to staff for their child’s individual needs.


‘Homework’ is the continuity of support given to pupils within the home environment. It can include: MAPP Personal Learning Intention work (shared termly); activities to support the correct class theme/focus topic (shared ideas in the half termly class newsletters); therapy programmes (shared by health care professionals). 

Emergency School Closure

The decision to close the school is usually taken on the day between 7am and 7.30am. This decision is made by assessing weather conditions and related forecast (usually from RAF Leeming weather centre); an assessment of the school site, particularly with regard to access and safety, and a general assessment of the likely staffing implications should colleagues be unable to get into school. If the forecast clearly indicates sustained bad weather a decision to close the school may be taken the day before.

Once the decision is made to close the school the local radio stations are alerted – specifically BBC Radio York, Star Radio, TFM radio and Heart Radio (however, when many schools are closed trying to get through to these radio stations isn’t always possible). A message is posted on this website and our Facebook Page.

During these periods of inclement weather we will do our best to remain open. We recognise that you have busy working lives and having to make arrangements for your child at short notice can be very stressful.

If the school is open the final decision to send your son/daughter to school is yours – we cannot assess the safety of all the routes to and from school and school transport will also assess the safety implications and should let you know directly if they are unable to transport your child. If you want to collect your son/daughter early because of a change in the weather please contact the office, who will notify the class so that they are prepared for an early departure.

Please also check the school website. You can also listen to the following radio stations:

  • BBC Radio Tees
  • Star Radio
  • Heart Radio
  • TFM Radio